Who is Cobra from Prepare for Change, the Event & Resistance movement?

Find out real identity and name of Cobra, the person behind Prepare For Change, The Event, Portal 2012, spokesperson of the Resistance Movement, and author of Aurora 2012 - big brain producing big BS.

Logo of Cobra Resistance Movement Exposed

We are evil!
By disclosing this information we put life of Cobra and whole Resistance Movement in danger.
Because 👽 Illuminati BreakAway Complex, Cabal, Reptillians, Draco fleet, and any other cosmic plague would NEVER be able to find this publicly available info themselves!

True Identity of Cobra

The most commonly name used by Cobra for his activities is

Ishtar Antares / Ištar Antares

Following info will reveal why Cobra and Ishtar Antares are one and the same person. Portal2012 and Resistance Movement followers believe Istar Antares is Cobra's real name, as an extraterrestrial being from The Pleiades (Wikipedia), and they are right, as for the first part. As for the E.T., it is all B.S., and we will get to it later.

Sources / Evidence:


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Honestly? I'm just a movie star ⭐️.

Real Name of Cobra

Official human identity of Cobra / Ishtar Antares and his true name is

‼️ Ištar Antares ‼️

This may seem surprising and weird at first, but has quite simple explanation. We'll get to it in a second.

Searching for true name of Ishtar Antares was not that easy as it led to some dead ends:

Sources / Evidence (?):

The hints above are not rock-solid proofs, but suggest that whatever the birthname of Cobra was, Ištar Antares really can be his legal name now.

Photos of Cobra

Photos of Cobra / Ishtar Antares are very rare. He explicitly asks for not being photographed on his workshops and seminars. All attendants are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Photos below are still available online and are pretty much all that you can find. Honestly, do you need/want some more?

Photo of Ishtar Antares from his Aurora2012 website
The most reliable source of Cobra's visual appearance is this photo of Ishtar Antares found on his Aurora2012.net's [About us] page (pdf copy).
This photo can be found in his book Aurora 2012 - A Manual For Preparedness (local pdf).
There's a LinkedIn profile of Ishtar Antares (screenshot, pdf copy) showing this photo.
Photo of Ishtar Antares near pyramids in Egypt found on a post on Revelation Consmique blog.

It is obvious to see that the first three photos were taken at the same moment. The first one contains Exif data which tells that the photo was taken on with PENTACON DPix 750Z camera.

Voice of Cobra (audio)

One audible proof that Cobra is a real person is Carol Guy's podcast on Earth Angels Radio featuring Ishtar Antares (screenshot, pdf copy). Here's the link to original podcast audio (local copy).

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Cobra's Birthday

Should you wish Cobra a happy birthday, send him a card or some cake, or take a picture of him blowing out all the candles, then the date to remember is

September 16th, 1971

But don't forget that no-photos rule and NDA crap.

Sources / Evidence:


Photo of two evil grey extraterrestrials being interrupted while having a good time (probably). Leaked from CIA (guaranteed)...
... unless digital renders from Genesis 8 / Daz 3D app using Supreme Intelligence HD Alien Character model can transform into real living creatures.

Cobra's Residential Address

Residential address of Ishtar Antares is no mystery, you can pay him a visit, Illuminati BreakAway Complex, Reptillians, and Draco surely would do.

Sources / Evidence:

Despite the address below is legit, you should take it with a grain of salt. All informations about Ištar Antares are quite dated and may not be accurate/valid any more.

Svetosavska ulica 28
1000 Ljubljana

Cobra's Phone Number

Phone number of Ishtar Antares was revealed above, alongside with his residential address.
Should you want to call him or text him, you can try, but again, we emphasize that this number may not be valid any more.

++386 40 236 600

However, Cobra mentioned another phone number in his introductory article on goddesstemple.com website (see Email Connection for the link).

++386 41 210 287

Every Pleiadian born on Earth, who is the only spokesperson of the Resistance Movement, who fights against Illuminati BreakAway Complex, Reptillians, and Draco fleet, who risks his life every day by sharing BS vital information for survival of the surface population (aka humans), should build his online and social presence, even poorly.

Cobra in a Nutshell

Simply said, Cobra / Ishtar Antares is a nut case. Or, using the language of cosmology - lunatic. And sex offender on galactic level.

His CV should include following areas of expertise:

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